If you have, you’re a mail advertising rock star and we applaud your promotional prowess! If you haven’t, don’t worry, I hadn’t heard of it either until a little while ago, so let’s join the rock stars and learn a little bit more.

Simply put , lumpy mail is adding “an unexpected bulk” to your envelope when mailing out marketing and advertising material. This bulk is used to spark curiosity among its recipients, and create higher opening and response rates.

Promotional products personalized with your company logo represent a tremendous opportunity to increase the response rate of your direct mail advertising piece. In fact, according to Statistics Canada, “89% of (polled) Canadians are likely to open an item that comes in the mail if it looks interesting or intriguing.” Who doesn’t like getting free stuff! Especially when you weren’t expecting to receive that free pen, notepad, or cool folding water bottle. Just be sure to choose a product that fits well with your message, and always remember to include a clear call to action, such as ‘join now’, ‘try it free today‘, or ‘for a short time only‘. Need help choosing a product, here are our top 10 lumpy mail suggestions.

  1. Pens
  2. Stationary
  3. Magnets
  4. Phone accessories
  5. Key chains
  6. Computer accessories, such as USB memory cards
  7. Golf Tee’s
  8. First Aid accessories, such as pocket band aid holders
  9. Water Bottles
  10. Flashlights

So stuff those envelopes with your personalized promotional products and send out some lumpy mail for a sure way to increase the response rates of your direct mail campaigns.