With the downturn in today’s markets you may be asking why should I spend money on promotional products. Isn’t it just a waste of my money to give stuff away? The answer is no, promotional products give you the best advertising value for your money. Did you know that 60% of people who received a promotional product do business with that company? Or that 83% of those people remember the company that gave them the promotional product?

Promotional products have no geographical or demographic limitations. Increasing your brand recognition is important, more impressions = more business generated. Clothing with your logo on it is a walking, moving billboard for your company and smaller items like pens, USB drives, and keychains change hands constantly and increase exposure to your company. Promotional products allow you to have a mass outreach at a low cost. Traditional advertising has a limited exposure; ads only run for a specific period of time then disappear. The best promotional products are ones that are used on a daily basis, giving unlimited exposure to potential customers. Tactile products keep your company in front of your customers without spending a lot of money. Variety is important as well. Being able to offer your customers something unique creates a lasting impression.

So why should you use promotional products? They create exposure which increases brand recognition and better sales. Promotional products increase sales more than any other media and have a better return on investment. So if you are looking for a cost effective way to promote your business promotional products are the way to go.